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Extreme Outdoors
Extreme Outdoors
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We invite you and your family to get off the couch, put away the electronic games and get out and experience these
adrenaline filled opportunities to experience the Iowa Outdoors in ways you may not have tried or even known existed
as options. There are exciting opportunities for all ages and skill levels.
Extreme Outdoors is a series of adventuresome, fun, challenging, exhilarating and safe outdoor recreational activities
sponsored by naturalists with Buchanan, Bremer, Benton, and Chickasaw Counties. Limited transportation may be
available from these local County Conservation offices - please call your county office to inquire. 
Each activity will be
led by experienced professionals. 
Scott Grahm, author of Extreme Kids, describes Extreme this way: “It is about excitement, but in a fully safe manner. 
It is about personal growth through new accomplishments. It is not about defying death. Just the opposite, in fact.
Extreme is about reveling in life

  PLEASE Pre-Register by calling 319-636-2617
or email [email protected]




Primitive Tools (atlatl & flintknapping); Vinton

September 13 – 10 am - noon
Rogers Park - 5718 20th Ave Dr Vinton, IA 52349

Join State Archeologist Mark Anderson and Benton County Naturalist Aaron
Askelson as we take a trip back into the Ice Age. Participants will learn about
flint knapping (making stone tools) and then get to try their hand at throwing
a spear with the Atlatl (ancient spear thrower). They will learn about and help
with the process of using fire to create a dugout canoe.  There will also be
other tools used by the people of the ice age to view and learn about.

Hot Air Ballooning and Fall Colors            
August 23, September 27 and October 4 (see below for time details)
$225 per person - 2 people age 12+ per balloon (2-3 balloons available) ($450/balloon may include 3 depending on weight and outdoor temperature - call for info)


A hot air balloon ride lasts approximately one hour.  Flights are in the morning about sunrise (or if morning
conditions are not ideal, late afternoon about two hours before sunset, weather permitting.) Your ballooning
experience usually takes about two hours, including launch, flight, recovery and returning to the launch field. 
We wait to inflate the balloon until you arrive.  It only takes about ten minutes and you are gently lifting off
beginning a magical experience.  Your flight path will be determined by the direction of the wind.  You could
find yourself floating over a tree line, over the city of Cedar Rapids or out in the countryside. 
It’s your own private guided aerial tour of the area. 
If weather conditions are not suited for flight on your
scheduled day, you will be given a certificate to be used for a future flight that you can schedule with the pilot.

Winter Camping; Fontana Park
December 6-7, beginning at 1 pm Sat - 9 am Sunday.
Fee $25 per person Limited to 12 participants.

  We will set up equipment and build our shelters (either tents or
  debris shelters) for the night as well as collecting firewood and
  heating stones.  It is important to pace our activity to prevent
  sweating that could cause chilling later.  Meal cost included for
  supper and breakfast. All equipment is available - we will contact
  you with a equipment list to know what you will need.  
  Minimum age 10; under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.